Spaces for rent

The Emmaus Abbey offers long-term office rentals. It also rents out rooms for seminars, training, social and cultural events on a short-term basis.

Short-term space rentals

Email: pronajem@opatstvi-emauzy.cz
Phone: +420 221 979 227

Old Monastery Building


Baroque hall, area 180 m², capacity: concert 200 seats, seminar 100-120 seats.

Equipped with: stage, Förster grand piano, sound system, wifi.

Hall No. 10

It is used as a refectory background (cloakroom) or separately for seminars, area 67 m², capacity 20-25 people.

Equipped with: refreshment preparation counter, water supply.

Hall No. 11

Variable space for lectures, seminars, area 65 m², capacity: lecture 50 seats, seminar 20-25 seats.

New Monastery Building

Abbot Arnošt Hall / Theater Hall

1930 hall, area 190 m², separate entrance and sanitary facilities. Suitable for dance events.

Equipped with: sound system.

Training Hall

Modern space in the basement, area 42 m², capacity 20-25 people, additional room available for refreshment preparation.

Equipped with: tables, flipchart stand, wifi.

Nabídka ubytování

Možnost krátkodobého ubytování nabízí dvě místnosti s příslušenstvím v budově tzv. nového kláštera. V pokoji je dvoulůžko s přistýlkou, v sousední místnosti vybavená kuchyň. Vhodné maximálně pro čtyři osoby.


The Emmaus Abbey is a church institution, the seat of the Benedictine Order. It therefore reserves the right not to rent premises to companies or organizers of events that contradict the political neutrality of the abbey and the spiritual principles by which the monastery is guided.