Ora et labora

Pray and Work

Ut in omnibus glorificetur Deus

So that in all things God may be glorified

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Emmaus Abbey


One place, so many names! Emmaus Monastery, Emmaus Abbey, Benedictine Monastery at the Church of the Virgin Mary and Slavic Patrons, Na Slovanech Monastery. Most often, you will hear the simple Emmaus. Where did the name actually come from? To find out, we have to travel back in time to 1372. In that year, the construction of the monastery was completed and the monastery church was ceremonially consecrated. The ceremony took place on Easter Monday; in the Middle Ages, a part of the Gospel about the appearance of Jesus Christ to disciples on the road to Emmaus was always read during the service on that day. Every year, this event was commemorated with a great pilgrimage, at which point the name "Emmaus" became common and the people of Prague wouldn’t call the monastery any other name.

Emmaus is said to have cost as much money as the Charles Bridge, and same as the Charles bridge, current visitors can walk along the cloister, the Baroque refectory, the Imperial Chapel and the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary. For our virtual visitors, we prepared a walk through the monastery, which not only takes you to the sites, but you can even travel through time. We wish you a pleasant discovery of this beautiful part of our history, but also the present. Because Emmaus is always alive!


The Emmaus Abbey is alive


May–October, Monday to Saturday: 11am–5pm. November-April, Monday to Friday: 11am-4pm.


Services are provided by the local Benedictine community.


The Emmaus Abbey offers long-term office rentals. It also rents out rooms for seminars, training, social and cultural events on a short-term basis.


Support our project for the reconstruction of the South Garden,
which will be available to all visitors and residents of Prague.

A new stage of garden’s reconstruction

In mid-March, the planned cutting down of overgrown trees will take place in the upper part of the garden. This will create a place for planting new fruit and ornamental trees.


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