Emmaus today

After the Velvet Revolution, a part of the exiled community returned to the original Prague monastery, and a part remained in Italy, including the then former abbot Mauro Verzich, who lived out his life in the San Miniato monastery in Florence. The community was led by Fr. Cyril Stavěl as prior; however, he died shortly after taking over the monastery buildings in October 1990. He was succeeded by Fr. Vojtěch Engelhart, who then took on the task of restoring Emmaus to its reputation as the seat of the Benedictine Order. The reconstruction of the interior of the monastery church, completed in 2003, became a renewal symbol of the Emmaus Abbey spiritual significance. The church was opened to public and after decades of silence, holy masses are again regularly celebrated there.

In 2004 , Fr. Vojtěch Engelhart was replaced by Fr. Marian Klener in leadership of the monastery, and in 2010-2016 Fr. Edmund Wagenhofer served as prior administrator in Emmaus. In 2016, P. Augustin Gazda was elected prior, and after his death in 2019 Fr. Prokop Siostrzonek started leading the monastery.

Currently, a small group of brothers lives and maintains a monastic community in Emmaus: Fr. Dominik, Fr. Marian, Br. Jeroným and Fr. Radim.