Chapter Hall

The Chapter Hall was used for regular and special meetings related to the community life. The offenses of monks, the new member’s admission, the abbot’s elections and other matters were handled here.

There was an abbot’s chair at the front of the hall for presiding over the assembly of Order’s life members, and there were benches along the walls. Unfortunately, there is a little left from the original appearance of the chapter hall, as it was adapted in the 1950s for the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences needs as an entrance hall. The date 1884 engraved on the column base and the well-known Benedictine motto U.I.O.G.D. (Ut in omnibus glorificetur Deus) abbreviation on the column itself date back to the Beuron style reconstruction.

...you can travel back through time by swiping

...you can travel back through time by swiping


Did you know that...?

On the chapter hall’s south wall, there is the only inscription written in Glagolitic script that has been preserved in the monastery.

Experts have identified it as a fragment of the Ten Commandments, dating from around the middle of the 14th century. It is surprising that the monastery being established for the cultivation of the Slavic liturgy and script, did not have more "Eastern" elements in its decoration.

However, one should realize that Charles IV. did not want to evoke the world of Eastern Christianity, but rather to mention the ancient history of the Bohemian Kingdom alongside the glory of its rulers being closely connected with the Old Slavic tradition and Great Moravia.